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Water Hygiene Training

H21 Training are proud to offer water hygiene training and examinations for the EUSR National Water Hygiene Scheme. Our training covers the whole of the UK, Scotland and Ireland through a bespoke in-house course and can be delivered at a venue and date to suit you.

Once the training has been completed and the exam has been passed, the trainee will be issued with a cover note signed by our tutors. This cover note will last for 45 days and within this time the candidate will receive their own National Water Hygiene Card. This card allows them to work on restricted operations within the water industry. This scheme has replaced many of the individual water authority restricted operations cards allowing employees to operate between the various water company policies with greater ease.

Water Hygiene Card

The blue National Water Hygiene card was introduced in January 2006 to replace all water company specific hygiene schemes and removes the need for workers to undergo separate testing, health screening and to carry several separate cards for each water authority

Who Should Attend

Any person working on restricted operations sites such as service reservoirs, pumping stations, treatment works, wells, spring and boreholes and working on the network of water mains and service pipes must be in possession of a National Water Hygiene card.

The same training package is delivered to both direct employees of water companies, and all contractors that work on the restricted operations sites including self-lay organisations working on new developments.

Additional Information

Registration is based on successful completion of the training course.

Upon successful completion a cover note will be issued by the trainer and trainees will be registered on the EUSR. Once the necessary paperwork and payment have been received the National Water Hygiene card will be issued within 28 days.